Civeo has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for CX Management in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for CX Management [CXM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in customer experience management.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, in a challenging environment with constantly changing local, state, national and global restrictions, Civeo’s Operations team members successfully implemented evolving and fluid change management strategies across all sectors of our village operations. The overarching goal was to ensure the safety of our staff and guests by mitigating the risk of a potential outbreak, maintaining service delivery standards and fulfilling our contractual commitments to our clients. The team did an outstanding job and I couldn’t be more proud. This award is a reflection of resilience of Civeo’s people and their passion and commitment to customer experience.”

Mr Peter McCann, Managing Director & Senior Vice President, Civeo Australia

Civeo is a leading provider of workforce accommodation solutions, dedicated to helping people maintain safe, healthy, and productive lives while living and working away from home.

With approximately 30,000 rooms globally, the company has over 9,000 permanent rooms in Australia in remote locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Civeo’s Integrated Services business stream additionally operates approximately 900,000 room nights per year for leading iron ore, gold, nickel and lithium producers in WA.

Tier one resource organisations in Australia entrust Civeo with the care of their workforces across its national portfolio. This allows them to continue their mining operations with the knowledge their teams are safe, nourished and well-rested while all care is taken to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. The key to the success of Civeo’s long-standing client relationships is that they are built on trust, commitment and an alignment of goals and objectives.

Civeo’s team is comprised of people who are truly passionate about customer experience. Trained the Civeo way, Civeo ensures that service is consistent across all areas. Whether confirming a reservation, cleaning a room or fixing an air-conditioner, Civeo’s professionalism and passion remains the same.
Civeo’s approach is simple; focus on its clients’ people so they can focus on their core business.

The organisation’s ability to pivot, flex and customise its service offering supported by the capacity to undertake rapid change management, has enabled it to continue to provide ongoing, industry-leading, customer service to its guests and clients within the challenging environment of the resources sector. Never has that environment or the challenge been more intense than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civeo innovated, adapted and transformed its operating model at all levels during the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continuous delivery of its acclaimed customer experience, to safeguard its customer’s ability to maintain their essential operations. It did so whilst resolutely preserving its own uncompromising commitment to safety, compliance and entrenched core values.

Civeo’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Safety, Care and Collaboration provided a robust and sincere platform for delivery of its hospitality operations during a fluid and unprecedented period instilling a high level of confidence from its customers in Civeo’s capability.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Civeo successfully implemented a change management strategy to ensure spontaneous changes to the local, state, national and global response were effective within the business to prevent the potential for an outbreak, maintain service delivery and contractual commitments to clients. It did this whilst ensuring the safety of its staff and guests.

The change response was delivered across every aspect of Civeo’s hospitality operations to villages accommodating 50 to 3000 guests. Procedural changes were necessary at every touch point of the guest journey to site, on arrival and during their roster swing with new process implementation absorbed continuously in line with legislative requirements as they were released.

During every stage of the response, client collaboration (which included proactive community consultation and engagement) was constant and unrelenting, ensuring all parties remained confident and informed of the measures being taken to protect and safeguard village guests in a hypersensitive and rapidly changing operational environment.

Whilst Civeo management globally and nationally provided the framework for the pandemic response, the village operational teams – with the assistance of Civeo Safety – undertook the delivery of process, procedure, change and implementation through dynamic, agile leadership, organisation, structure and commitment to service delivery and guest safety and satisfaction.

The leadership executed by the management group, who acted as strong role models to the teams, allowed individuals to follow the response with unquestioning acceptance, to enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences and arrive at innovative solutions. The teams were challenged to build new ways to solve the constantly evolving issues being introduced by the pandemic to provide a safe and sustainable customer experience.

Civeo was able to further enhance an already solid and respectful working relationship with its client base by demonstrating capability and depth of commitment throughout difficult and challenging circumstances. Civeo will continue to work to make a meaningful difference and provide remarkable experiences for the people and communities it serves, it’s what they do.

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