Edible Blooms

Edible Blooms has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for CX Management in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for CX Management [CXM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in customer experience management.

“Customer feedback has always been at the heart of Edible Blooms. Listening to our customers is intrinsic to how we continually improve to deliver exceptional customer service. Map to Compass is a bespoke framework to enhance this valuable information we grow, resulting in improved NPS and Webchat Satisfaction. We keep our customers front of mind with decision-making and our fast feedback loops mean that learnings are quickly implemented into tactical improvements across the business. We are extremely proud to be recognised with this Award.”

Kelly Jamieson, Founder and Managing Director, Edible Blooms

Edible Blooms are Australia’s most innovative gifting company, specialising in delicious gifts that give joy. When you can’t decide whether to send chocolates or flowers, an Edible Bloom brings the best of these worlds together in one delicious bouquet. Edible Blooms is a female-led, family-owned business and now has 7 distribution centres across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The Global Head Office is based in Adelaide. Edible Blooms’ range of gifts has expanded to include luxury hampers, plants, choc-dipped strawberries, donuts and custom corporate gifts. All products are handmade, featuring some of Australia’s finest produce brands.

With more than 16 years experience spreading joy across the globe, Edible Blooms are still an entrepreneurial, agile and dynamic business. They demonstrate a commitment to continually improve business processes to better serve customers and keep them at the heart of the business. It is in this spirit that their initiative, Map to Compass (M2C) was created.

M2C is a complete Experience Management system. It takes a holistic approach to resolving customer feedback in a way that encourages accountability across all areas of the business. The old rule book has been thrown out – no longer is there a one size fits all map to dictate the response to feedback. Instead, a compass to guide complex decision making has taken its place. Company Values are at the compass True North; Connection, Innovation, Growth and Joy. M2C ensures that every decision made aligns with these Values, from their customer interactions to their high level decision making.

As a family-owned company, customers have always been at the heart of every decision made. M2C provides a more robust structure for customer feedback to accommodate Edible Blooms’ growing global presence and leveraging this feedback to drive real change. No piece of feedback stops with the Customer Experience (CX) Team; every time a customer contacts Edible Blooms about their experience, their comments are treated as a valuable resource. As soon as customer feedback is resolved, the CX Team record details in a central Compensations Register. They categorise scenarios by the root cause which sends feedback directly to the relevant business unit in real time and becomes part of an agile feedback loop.

Decision makers across the business can now access categorised customer feedback in real time and provide ongoing, targeted coaching to minimise future occurrences. Month-on-month reports and analysis are provided to senior management to support high-level decision making. New KPIs were developed for errors and wastage to improve revenue.

In effect, every customer is provided with a direct avenue to provide feedback to their key decision makers.

Edible Blooms have taken a genuine customer-first approach that is scalable, coachable, quantifiable and results in immediate improvements to processes.

Customer satisfaction has greatly improved since the inception of M2C. Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) improved from 75% to 83% within a year. As an e-commerce business, their Webchat Satisfaction Rating is an equally valuable metric. This improved from 84.2% to 97.1% in the same timeframe.

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