PropertyMe has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for CX Management in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for CX Management [CXM] recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in customer experience management.

PropertyMe was born in the cloud in 2013 to service the evolving needs of the modern property manager. It brought together the key functions of property management into one powerful cloud solution and allowed property managers to unchain from their desks, reduce add-ons and automate repetitive tasks for the first time ever. As industry visionaries, the founders of PropertyMe imagined a future where customers are empowered by choice. Whether the business requires a holistic single solution or integrated ecosystem to specialise their services, PropertyMe offers the best of both worlds. Today, PropertyMe is the largest and most complete cloud property management platform in Australia and New Zealand with over 30% market share. PropertyMe now assists the real estate industry in processing more than $1 billion every month and facilitates in excess of 4.1 million conversations, 1.5 million maintenance jobs and 1.1 million inspections annually.

PropertyMe prides itself on being the market leader in cloud property software. The founders of PropertyMe pioneered the first true workflows in the industry—they identified seven key performance areas (Communications, Leasing, Inspections, Maintenance, Bill Management, Arrears and End of Month) and created true workflows around them. These true workflows discreetly automate repetitive tasks while allowing for human input and are based on the belief that great technology should be efficient, yet allow for the individual preferences of the customer. To manage bills, customers can simply drag and drop bills in, and PropertyMe reads all critical data points and automatically populates them for easy payment. There is no need to log employees out or spend hours manually backing up data as PropertyMe continuously syncs data to the cloud. Listening and acting upon customer feedback has been essential to PropertyMe’s success thus far. PropertyMe continues to release innovative new features and workflows to help customers find new efficiencies in their business and break new ground in the industry. As a result, PropertyMe has quickly become one of Australia’s leading PropTech companies by providing an innovative and customer centric product that truly supports the end user and fast tracks their success.

From real estate legislation to technological innovations, the PropTech space is ever-evolving. Since its inception, PropertyMe has adopted an agile methodology to ensure increased flexibility, collaboration and speed of delivery. As a result, PropertyMe has delivered more than 1,700 innovative new features and enhancements to genuinely simplify the business of property management and make a positive impact on the real estate industry as a whole. However, as PropertyMe’s customer base continued to rapidly grow and diversify, so too did the support and training needs of its customers. The success of this initiative will pave the way for the future of PropertyMe by breaking through a bottleneck in growth, creating new efficiencies and setting the golden standard for customer experience in the PropTech industry. To keep up with the needs of a rapidly growing customer base while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and NPS, PropertyMe focused on implementing an initiative to expand their service offering.

Prior to formulating an action plan, market research was conducted to learn about current customer experience, support, training and onboarding trends. A gap analysis was performed by the executive leadership team to assess PropertyMe’s customer experience lifecycle, identify opportunities and determine key customer experience metrics. Thereafter, service and training teams were involved in several workshops to come up with strategies, tactics and tasks that would assist with the achievement of key elements of the initiative. Once everyone in PropertyMe understood the importance of customer experience, the crossbusiness unit action teams came together to seamlessly implement the initiative. The marketing team helped create the look and feel of the widget, Knowledge Base, EOFY campaign, assets and more. The development team created and rolled out the widget, live chat and answer bot. The support and training teams drove the key elements of the initiative forward to ensure adherence to the timeline and scope. Project management, communication and collaboration with relevant internal and external stakeholders was critical to the initiative’s success.

The creation of a specialist onboarding team and standardised onboarding procedure has resulted in enormous benefits and lasting value for PropertyMe. Staff are less stressed, happier and more productive overall. The creation of a specialist onboarding support team enabled relatively new team members to upskill across a narrower skill set faster, providing a better customer experience and a significant reduction in support escalations. Additionally, the enhancement of PropertyMe’s proprietary migration tool has allowed for increased data input prior to the final data migration. This has allowed PropertyMe onboarding specialists to spread the pre-live preparation workload across a longer period, reducing the pressure on resource requirements during monthly support spikes. PropertyMe has also achieved greater customer satisfaction, which leads to brand advocacy and equity, which in turn, leads to more customer referrals and business growth.

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