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Transdev Sydney Ferries has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for CX Management in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for CX Management [CXM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in customer experience management.

“We are incredibly proud to be recognised as an ABA100® Winner for CX Management [CXM] in The Australian Business Awards 2021.

“Our success at these awards demonstrates that we are leading the way in CXM with our ‘Customer at the Heart’ cultural change program, focussing on continuous improvement and delivering innovative solutions to best meet our customers’ needs.”

Loretta Lynch, Managing Director, Transdev Sydney Ferries

Transdev Sydney Ferries (Transdev) has proudly operated Sydney’s iconic ferries and the Balmain Shipyard since 2012, in partnership with the NSW Government, to deliver customer-centric, efficient and innovative transportation.

The Government’s vision puts the customer at the centre and, as a trusted partner, Transdev has demonstrated that privately operated public transport networks deliver outstanding performance for customers.

To achieve this vision, Transdev developed its Customers at the Heart cultural change initiative: an ambitious long-term customer experience management strategy that focuses on continuous improvement and innovation.

Launched in 2019, the initiative has achieved outstanding measurable results such as 99% customer satisfaction and high employee engagement in delivering outcomes.

Already registering a 98% customer satisfaction score, in 2019 Transdev started defining the key objectives and leading principles that would bring its Customers at the Heart cultural change program to life.

Deep customer research and data analysis determined that the key change should be from a ‘mass transport’ mindset to a more personalised customer approach.

An aspirational ‘Customer Satisfaction Improvement Journey’  resulted in an all of business alignment to optimising the customer experience.

Transdev’s customer-centric culture is further reinforced through the Journey Makers Employee Value Proposition which encapsulates the company culture, making crystal clear the quality customer outcomes employees can deliver in their jobs.

Since 2019, Transdev trained 100% of its workforce through the Going for Care customer service training program. The aim of the program is to keep the customer focus permanently alive and educate Journey Makers on customer segments and their specific needs.

To deliver change for each customer segment, Transdev also selected flagship initiatives that support employees in delivering an exceptional experience, including service changes on the most challenging ferry routes and procuring new vessels with enhanced comfort, improved safety and better accessibility.

The last component of the Customers at the Heart action plan was to sustain employees’ customer purpose, focus and skills through initiatives such as celebrating Journey Maker achievements with awards and recognition.

Transdev involved Journey Makers on the design of customer experience programs to ensure their engagement in its delivery and constantly monitors customers’ feedback and satisfaction levels.

To support this, Journey Makers directly engage with local communities and participate in fundraising to support local projects.

Customers at the Heart is monitored by a set of indicators that are compiled weekly and monthly, communicated to all employees and reviewed by the Senior Leadership team. The program is aligned with the NSW Government’s vision.

Transdev’s Customers at the Heart cultural change program has been highly successful in many measurable aspects, including:

  • Increased strength of the company’s employee value proposition and employee engagement
  • Direct improvement of Journey Makers’ customer service behaviours
  • Improved customer experience and approval ratings.

In November 2020, Transdev Sydney Ferries achieved an overall customer satisfaction score of 99%, the highest of all transport modes in NSW (TfNSW Customer Satisfaction Index).

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